"BANANA BEST TRICK" by Mariano Cordero

At the beginning of the month of September came up the idea to perform a small event in “El Pura Vida Skatepark”, to celebrate the month of independence.

This was only a small idea going around in our heads, but little by little it was forming. The idea was to just finish and repair the former fingerboard table and use it as a barbecue station to invite some skaters, skate and make a some bbq!

We were working for a few weeks to repair and fix some things at the Park. We wanted to celebrate the event on September 15th, the Independence Day in Costa Rica!!! Somehow we realized that this date wasn’t the best idea for the Jam, because the majority of the „ticos“ already planned their Independence Day and would not join us for the event. That´s why we decided to take the 19th September, the weekend after the „National Day“ of Costa Rica.

The name came up from the idea of making typical meals for the guests. For example, we served “Ceviche of Banana”, what actually is the reason why we called the Skatejam “BANANA BEST TRICK “. Little by little the event became reality and first of all we had a date and a name. We were achieving to the goal, that also friends and skaters from San José and Quepos, would join us for our celebration of the „Independence Day“.

Due to the lack of time and therefore limited sponsors and funds, we couldn´t promise a lot of prices to the winners. That’s why we decided to hand out letters to different skateshops for showcasing our project to them. This was a good idea, because many of them still didn´t had no clue about our work. Luckily, several shops could identify with this initiative and decided to support us. Especially the „Costa Rasta Shop“ supported us with a lot of donations. Therefore we decided to invite them and let them sell some of their products during the contest.

Although the night before the event was a little exhausting for us, we were finally satisfied with knowing that we organized well. We prepared all of the food for the jam at the house of the volunteers from Germany. Adam, Rimma and Lydia. Actually it´s Jhon’s house, a friend from Costa Rica who behaved very friendly providing the house to get everything done for the event. Also my friend William which is a skater from the area helped us with the organization and preparation for the event.

Everything and everybody was ready for the big day. Finally we had food and several prices and donations of the shops: Cucas shop, Costa Rasta, Latinos and Gravity. The day of the event arrived. Many people decided to wear a “Chonete” (which is the typical hat of costa Rica).

We were expecting an approximate attendance of 60 people, but ultimately more than 90 people joined us. Among them, a lot of friends, skaters of Quepos and San José took part. Beside all those people, our beloved friends of „EINAUSBLICK“ surprised us with their visitation.
The event was a fully success! Friends and families came not only to skate, but to enjoy the show! The guests enjoyed the good atmosphere and typical food. We had several prices and the tournament consisted of various categories of „Best Trick Competitions“. It was a pleasure to see, that all the winners were happy and more than satisfied.

Finally, everything worked out better than expected. Also because of the attendance and support of everyone who shared this day with us!!!

Thanks to Adam, Lydia, William, Rimma, Jhon, sponsors, all locals and skaterboarders from Quepos and friends of „EINAUSBLICK“ who took excellent photos!

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