Building our poolcopings

A concrete skatepark without poolcoping is just half baked so it was clear we were needing some. Shipping concrete parts was no option due to the high weight. So we were heading to Leipzig to meet Joe.

He just started his own business as a model maker and for that he is the perfect help to realise the building of our own mouldings. We threw several slabs in the car and arriving in Leipzig we directly entered the workshop. We planned, discussed and worked until the early morning. The mouldings to a big part consist of derived timber product and the round lip was poured in using synthetic resin with the help of some pipe isolation.

Joe provided us with some special bits to finish the mouldings off nicely. The next day we continued working until everything was ready.
Unfortunately we didn`t have the time to test and we are still waiting for the packages which probably are somewhere on a huge containership crossing the ocean.


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