Broiler Jam 2013 review by Bastian Loewen

It’s been again a great weekend in Dresden/ Germany at the Broiler Jam.

After playing the game “find the next traffic jam” and sitting almost 8 hours in the car, we ended up at the Friday’s REClaim your Brain exhibition of the Broiler Jam in Dresden with live-bands and photos of Sergej Vutuc, Gabriel Engelke, Alexander Endrulat, Lars Greiwe, Lego and a video installation of the man behind the Broiler Jam – Christian Petzold.

The Saturday started with the same procedure as every year. Meeting at the UFA spot to start the street jam. Due to perfect weather conditions, a lot of people showed up.


The 2nd stop usually is the Tunnel spot. It got cancelled this year, but there was a new 2nd stop at the Scheune Cafè right in the city. The owner was so nice to make it happen there.The 3rd and last stop was the AZ Conni gap followed by a mini ramp session, the screening of the movie Video Diays and a big party.

At the end of the weekend there was a profit of 900 Euros for the Pura Vida Skatepark in Costa Rica! Thanks guys and girls, Luise Henzel and Christian Petzold!

Bastian Loewen

thank you for your support: Carhartt, Confusion, Niffa, Mischief Skateboards, Beyond, Titus Dresden, Blacksheep,skate-aid and Robotron Skateboards
Sergej Vutuc, Gabriel Engelke, Alexander Endrulat, Lars Greiwe,Lego, Francisco Saco,Tourette Boys, Dikloud, Why Not, Axel, Nikkifaktur and a big thank you to LUIE!!!


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