Hard work pays well

Because we are not already getting enough sun at work and a realy carefully done de-dusting ritual has to be held from time to time, we have had 2 beach-days by now.

In the pick-up or one the back of a strangers car we went to Playa Dominical located 34 kilometers away from San Isidro. A trip which can eventually take you about 2 hours. If theres no class 2 fire under the hood of your car…

Some bars, some traders, shops and a very beautyful beach with its animals. Seamingly there are some decent waves because the place is crowded with surf-people.

Behind Tortilla Flats, a Bistro right behind the beach, youl`ll find a miniramp. It is quite narrow but in connection to the great surrounding it offers some decent fun. Having your own meal cooked above the open fire and then going to sleep right next to the ocean is hard to beat, fact.

Did i already mention the, as the americans call it, „awesome“ beach?..


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