Jacó - Graffiti, a Bowl and every night Ladys night

photo by Christian Petzold

On the way to Nicaragua we visited Carlos and his room mate Ivan in the city of Jacó.

The city lives from surfing and that pretty good because there are perfect conditions for surfing twelve months a year.
There are also perfect conditions for ladys who wanna go out without spending one cent the whole night because there is ladys night every night in the week in a different bar. All girls can drink as much as they want the whole night.

Carlos started skating in the 90ies in Costa Rica, and was one of the first ones in his country.
Besides his art he is working as a photographer and surf teacher.
Together with him we went into the mountains surrounding Jacó to a abandend place.
It was suppose to be a restaurant but the owner died before he was able to finish it and now its a perfect spot for painting and a great spot to skate with the best view over Jacó and the ocean.

photo by Christian Petzold pic by Luie

Friends of Carlos have a cool concrete mini ramp in their proberty and they also build surfboards there. So we had the possibility to get a idea of how much work it is to shape a surfboard.

photo by Christian Petzold photo by Christian Petzold photo by Christian Petzold

An other stop in Jacó was at Antonio´s place. He is from Argentina but lives almost 9 years in Costa Rica.
Around two months ago he finished his DIY bowl in his proberty. The design for the bowl made Antonio together with a friend from Buenas Aires/Argentina. It was really hard for them to get the money for it but he told me that it was also very hard for him to get the information „how to build a concrete bowl“ because nobody had experiance with it.

photo by Christian Petzold photo by Christian Petzold photo by Christian Petzold photo by Christian Petzold

Everybody who is planning and paying a DIY project knows: no money no construction.
And that stops the whole process.
But with a bit of adrenalien it worked out, says Antonio.
He also runs a small bar where you can buy food and drinks. And he opend the Maluco Beleza Skate & Surf Camp.

Here a small clip from the opening session:

A few of the surf locals also try their best in the concrete wave so that surfing and skateboarding melt together in this place.

Antonio and all the guys who helped him with the bowl did a really good job and this bowl changed a lot in the landscape of skateparks in Costa Rica.
Now the locals from Jaco have the opportunity to skate a bowl and Antonios 4 years old kid also learns how to skate a transition.

Thanks to Carlos, Ivan and Antonio!

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