Paint & Art Workshop

In the end of november in a Pura Vida reunion we decided to make a new graffiti at the wall in the skatepark. With the help of David, who is a short time volunteer from germany, we have prepared the Paint/Art workshop until the 22./23. of December.

Through David´s contacts we had the possibility to invite 2 artists from San José and conducted the workshop with their support. We collected ideas and agreed to a detail of the nature of San Isidro. Every participant had the chance to draw an animal or a plant of his choice. The frame for the whole artwork was designed by Robert and Dora. The mountains which illustrate the Cerro de la Muerte are in the background and trees serve as frame.

Some days before our workshop we painted the wall light blue with help from kids from the project – now we just had to get the paint. David, Ricardo, Marco and I went to the center of the city to ask for donations. We were in all the shops which sell paint, introduced our project and finally got material and paint donations from 4 shops.

Most of the people from the shops never heard from the Pura Vida Projekt and so we could also make it a little bit more popular. But we couldn´t get all the amount of paint we need. Luckily we were able to pay the rest with donation money from several benefit events in Dresden. On the 22 of December the artists from San José arrived. First all the participants met in the class rooms which are offered by the project and talked about the upcoming 2 days.

After we finished the frame, everybody looked for a spot and drew his little piece of art at the wall of the skate park and helped draw the trees, the sky and the plant. The MultiMediaArt students from austria have send a package with english-spanish dictionaries, chocolate and lebkuchen. Thank you very much for that! We didn´t use the dictionaries that day, but the chocolate was really good for the breaks.

On Monday, the 23 of December we finished the painting. Everybody was really satisfied. I liked the collaboration with the artist from San José very much. They gave the kids enough space and time to paint and draw and on the same side they helped with their skills to make a nice art work. The feedback from the artists was also positive and they would be happy too, to work with us in the future.

Thanks to the Pura Vida Project!

Pura Vida, Miriam

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