Pura Vida Jam Festival/San Isidro

On the 27th and 28th of September we hosted the first Pura Vida Jam Festival at the PURA VIDA SKATEPARK in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.

We started Saturday morning with music, workshops and skating. Because of the current season it is raining a lot and we had to start very early in order to finish with the qualifications and the workshops by mid-day.

We had two groups, group B; kids ages up to 17 and group A; 18 and up. The participants of the contest had 20 minutes as a jam to show what they can do and the top three were selected for the final on Sunday. Fabian Ruiz did a drawing workshop, which was well visited. The “soda” in the skate park took care of lunch and of the welfare of us all. We were lucky with the weather; it didn’t rain. In the afternoon we got invited by Rodrigo to his wonderful “finca”. We had many open-air concerts at the “finca” surrounded by the beautiful nature of Costa Rica! Big thanks to the Rusty Minds and all the other amazing musicians! It was a great afternoon and night with grandiose music and very nice people!

Sunday morning we continued with the final. Again we had music and a big turn out. The best three of each category had one minute to demonstrate their abilities. Heiner won in group B and William aka Chancho in group B. We also had a Fingerboarding Contest in the new and unique public FIngerboarding skate park in Costa Rica, big thanks to Christian Tegge!! The winner here was Fabian Cordero. With the support of Scum Costa Rica we also had a winner in a Best Trick Contest: Chancho.

I want to say thank you to everyone for the support and their coming! Especially to Ricardo Madrigal, who organized a national radio show in which we were able to talk about the festival and our project. On the weekend of the festival he also made it possible that the local TV channel, “Canal 14” came to film and interview people. He is a big help and has a lot of his own ideas and I am very thankful for that.

I also wanna thank Jart Skateboards, who sponsored prizes, Scum Costa Rica, who sponsored the prizes for the Best Trick Contest and the Daddy of James who gave us the sound system the whole weekend for free! Big thanks to McKenzie for her great ideas and support, to Mariano who is always there when there is work to do, to Jason who worked on the entrance on such a hot day, to Fabian Ruiz who bravely pulled through his drawing workshop and to Dona Flor and Chencho who are always helping and supporting us with tasty food!

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