„Pura Vida Skateboarding Before-Party, it’s not the end of the world yet

photo by Océane

I live in Geneva, in Switzerland and I have decided to support the Pura Vida Skateboarding project to make it a little bit more famous on this side of the world and collect some money for it. So I asked 2 very good friends of mine if they would like to help me organize a benefit party. And like this the „Pura Vida Skateboarding Before-Party, it’s not the end of the world yet“ team was born and the party was on the 21th of December 2012.

In October 2012 I get the first volunteer report which was written by the volunteer Carsten Beneker. He describes the project and the ideas he has. He also writes about the people who live there and their problems.

photo by Christian Petzold photo by barney

He also writes about his own problems and that most of the time money is an edge to realize great ideas. That report really touched me and I read more about the project. I found it great what the team of Pura Vida Skateboarding already had done and I saw big potential of what is possible. The motivation and the courage of the volunteers in Costa Rica was a wonderful inspiration for me. I wanted to be a part of it, too!

We had a small room but very comfortable. There was a room with a bar, one room with a stage and a very long and tight room. In the last room were a couch and a kicker. There I also made a little exhibition about the project (which was very successful!). In the room with the stage, the biggest room, we had flyer hanging from the roof with information’s about the project, citation about the end of the world, help, child hood and paintings. That looked really good! In all the 3 rooms we had golden stars hanging from the roofs.

photo by Océane photo by Océane photo by Océane

A friend of ours was the DJ and borrowed us the whole equipment for free. We also had a band. We thought they weren’t famous at all. They come from Geneva and we never heard of them before. But they are quiet known and some people freaked out in the concert! That was cool.

The guests were able to eat and drink and we made tombola. Shops and restaurants did give us the prizes. We had coupons for a company that delivers breakfast to your house, 4 coupons for 2 hamburger restaurants, 2 tickets for the cinema, 50francs for shopping, self made honey and 3 t-shirts “thank you skateboarding”. That was a great success!

The people really showed interest in the project. Many people visited my exhibition very interested and asked a lot of questions. Everybody liked it and donated money (they bought beer!).

photo by barney photo by barney photo by barney
The atmosphere was great! In the end the people asked us when there is going to be the next party…which is always a good sign.
I had a great time, the 7 girls working with me had a great time, the guests had a good time and on top of that the Dj told us that he had a lot of fun too. It was a real success! And because satisfied people consume more it was also financial a successful party! We made more money than we thought. With the party itself we made 1500francs (1200€), the donation of the people (before the party: friends, organizations and so on) 400francs (333€).

photo by Océane photo by Océane photo by Océane

I am happy to have organized the party. While the preparation we were laughing a lot, we were also stressed but it made our friendship stronger. In a long time I didn’t spend so much time with my best friends.

I suggest all of you to get involved with the project: organize a benefit party, an exhibition, a workshop or a fair, everything you can think of! It is a wonderful experience. You get to know a lot about the others and yourself and you can help other people, you laugh, you have fun and you grow always a little bit more!


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