Report Adam Becker

Buenas Días Amigos y Amigas,

2 Months ago it was time to leave Germany for an annual voluntary in Costa Rica organized and supported by the voluntary program named „Weltwärts“. After more than six months of application, meetings and arrangements, I realized that i´m going to stay in Costa Rica for one year. I could not negate anymore, that my excitement was increasing rapidly. Haha.

I am Adam, 26 years old, actually living in Hamburg and i turned in my BA-Thesis in social work one week before my departure. Christian Petzold „Pura Vida Skateboarding“ and I raised in the same City, which called Dresden. We already know each other more than 10 years because of skating and a lot of common friends. We talked a lot about the project and stories he experienced in Costa Rica, what of course was awaking my interest. Beside learning Spanish and get to know new parts of the world, my decision for this year wasn´t that difficult, because i liked the thought of connecting my positive concerns of a social project and skateboarding.

Due to the fact that some friends and other well known people took part in constructing this skatepark or visited this spot. As they all told me there mostly formidable Experiences, I wanted to see and get to know it by myself.

At the 06.08. I felt Costa-Rican ground beneath my feet for the first time. A friend of christian and the project was picking me up at the airport so I stayed in San José the capital, for the first few days. While being flooded with cultural and traditional Characteristics in such a pulsating city it was easier for me to access in that country, especially because I knew, that I will live in a provincial town for the next 12 months.

Four days later I was taking the bus direction Daniel Flores which is the district where the “Pura Vida Skatepark” is based in. The next bigger City is San Isidro de General that represents the central point of the region, named Pérez Zeledón. Lydia and Rimma, the two volunteers of the project already let me know in Germany, that I could take part in their flat share. I was grateful for this offer and wanted to take this possibility. I settled in fast, also because I stayed more than the first month in the surroundings. Due to this fact it was easier to get to know the park and its people.

I think the “Pura Vida” attitude, the people here live and broadcast everyday makes it easier to get to know people and feeling integrated. Another reason why i´m already feeling good around here is, that I am a voluntary of a park whose importance is high rated by the kids, skaters and project related persons.

With Mariano (the contact person of Pura Vida Skateboarding), Lydia, Rimma and the adolescents of the “barrios”, we already realized some things, like regular classes of German and English, new paint of the park, a barbecue corner, a bed of different herbages (thanks to McKenzie) and a Skatejam which was a fully success. It was called “the banana best trick” on the occasion of the Costa Rican day of independence, we celebrated with a lot of typical food, music and skateboarding. Greets to the skaters of Quepos (city at the beach) they took part with a group of almost thirty people!

Those lines only should express that i arrived mentally and physically well at Costa Rica and in the project. At the moment we are planning new things you can be excited about!

Thanks to everybody who is supporting the project!

Next report is coming soon! Adam

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