Report October/November/Adam Becker

Buenas días amigos y amigas,

like I told you in the last report of August and September, that I already experienced a lot of things in Costa Rica and I settled in well. Because you get accustomed very fast to cultural, social and traditional characteristics and you get used to them by daily routine, I am realizing things differently right now while the first two months. I am enjoying it to explore this country and I threat this possibility like a privilege. For example I traveled to Dominical and Manuel Antonio. Two beautiful beaches of Costa Rica to have a weekend at the sea.

When I took a view on the calendar, I saw the 10th of October and started to realize, that I will skip the european winter for the first time in my life. I felt lucky and content with the imagination, that the raining period is going to be ended soon and the hot summer is coming.
Sometimes it was disturbing me to be interrupted by the rain, while I was working outside in the park.

At the beginning of October we got visited by Anton from Kiel in Germany. He finished school this summer and wanted to travel in Central-America and especially Costa Rica. He has more than three months of time, he decided to stay in Pérez Zeledón for one month to help us in the project. Thanks a lot to Anton for his willingness to participate and his fresh and positive nature (report of him is coming soon!).

A highlight in October was the “1st Eco Jóven”, which took at place at the 10.17. in the market hall of Pérez Zeledón. This event is broadcasting with different offers like Skateobstacles, concerts and a lot of other attractions. Friends of us they were hosting the event, invited us to show up with a stand to inform the youth of the region about the Pura Vida Project (Thanks to Ricardillio, Karo and Paolo). Rimma, Anton (who couldn´t join us during the Eco Jóven) and me were preparing with designing flyers and printing photos and more informative stuff. That was a beautiful day and a successful event. I hope next year there will show up more people for the Eco Jóven.

Beside maintaining the skatepark and giving lessons in english and german for the project, we had a lot of organizational tasks on our to do list. Writing concepts, working out plans and estimating costs. Simultaneously it means to wait for permissions and financial materials. Currently we are about to plan a garden and floodlight in the park to be able to skate till night. We are still keeping the secret of an other project in the Park, but you can be surprised!

At the 19th of December we will host a Contest in the installations of the Pura Vida Skatepark.
Feel free to join us!


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