See you soon, Arne!

We want to thank our construction master of the year for his engagement in our project.

Without Arne Fiehl the skate park wouldn’t be what it is. Out of our team he has the most experiences with building skate parks out of concrete because of his work for Minus Ramps. But it was a new experience for Arne to realise this skate park with the little budget we had.
We improvised a lot, how it should be when you build a nice D.I.Y. skate park.

Two years ago when I first ask him if he wants to be a part of the project he didn’t think about it for a long time. But he was still sceptic… But in an other way it wouldn’t be Arne!

We want to thank him very much! For everybody else out there: Arne Fiehl rules! BOARDSTEIN FOR LIFE!

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