We have skateboard workshops and a lot of other things going on here, such as photography and filmmaking courses, bamboo construction sessions, English lessons and some reworking or additions to the skatepark.

The workshops are planned and developed by the volunteers or locals. The coordinators should always be volunteers who want to be actively involved and do these things themselves, by skating, creating a caring, responsible attitude for our environment, developing knowledge of languages, or technical abilities. The skatepark should be a place for kids and young people in San Isidro to shape their free time in their own way, but they also need help and support in other areas of their life. Social agenda e.g; equal opportunities, rights and gender equality are also important issues which we are promoting. We are going on trips together, eating together or searching for different street spots to skate.

photo by Christian Petzold photo by barney

We need interested skaters or volunteers who want to support our project and breathe life into it! So if you have any ideas and want to support us, send your concept to us at:!